The Alchemy of Welcome, Episode 143

What happens when we confuse ourselves with just one part of ourselves – when we think we ‘are’ a particular way we’re feeling, a thought, the exam result I got… When we think we ‘are’ our job title, or our joblessness, our bank balance… In short, when we confuse ourselves with being ‘just one thing’. And how our forgetting our own variety in this way also has us forget and not see the richness, depth and intricate variety of others. A conversation about welcoming ourselves and other people in our inner and outer complexity, with Lizzie Winn and Justin Wise of Thirdspace.

This is Turning Towards Life, a weekly live 30 minute conversation hosted by Thirdspace in which Justin Wise and Lizzie Winn dive deep into big questions of human living. Find us on FaceBook to watch live and join in the lively conversation on this episode. We’re also on YouTube, and as a podcast on Apple, Google and Spotify. You can find videos of every episode, and more about the project on the Turning Towards Life website.

Our source for this week is written for us by Lizzie.

The Alchemy of Welcome

Perceive problems and they will stay,
See the gifts and find your way.

Hold on tight and it will fall,
Open your hand and receive it all.

Turn away and the issue spirals,
Face into life and the field enlivens.

Stifle anger and it takes hold,
Welcome the rage and find your bold.

Ignore the sadness and wither so small,
Accept the feelings and trust the call.

Stay on the surface and miss the meaning,
Go down deep and find love’s leaning.

Tense yourself up and lose control,
Relax into love and watch it unfold.

Spinning around and to live is a labour,
Stillness comes and you taste the flavour.

Lizzie Winn

Photo by Dimitar Belchev on Unsplash