A Very Narrow Bridge, Episode 113

Nachman of Bratslav, the precariousness of all of our lives, and the possibility that we might learn to walk without amplifying our fear – indeed that we might find a way to walk through an inevitably risky life with joy. A conversation about faithfulness to our lives, practice, why joy isn’t the same as happiness, and what becomes possible when we live as if we’re all in this together, with Lizzie Winn and Justin Wise of Thirdspace.

We have a choice. Will we make attempts to avoid our situation by avoiding our lives? Or could we learn, even when we feel afraid, not tofeed our fear? Could we live a life in which we intentionally practice taking a step into the fierce uncertainty of life, and then another step and another step, trusting that each step will take us, who knows where, but somewhere?

This is Turning Towards Life, a weekly live 30 minute conversation hosted by Thirdspace in which Justin Wise and Lizzie Winn dive deep into big questions of human living. Find us on FaceBook to watch live and join in the lively conversation on this episode. We’re also on YouTube, and as a podcast on Apple, Google and Spotify.

Here’s our source for this week:

A Very Narrow Bridge

Joy is not incidental to spiritual quest. It is vital.
If you never want to see the face of hell, when you come home from work every night, dance with your kitchen towel and, if you’re worried about waking up your family, take off your shoes.
And know that in life every person has to pass over a very narrow bridge. And the most important thing is not to internalise or amplify our fear.

— drawn from the teachings of Nachman of Bratslav

Photo by Tim Trad on Unsplash