All the Golden Openings, Episode 110

How might we approach life’s inevitable interruptions and openings – the often unexpected events that change things, perhaps without our say-so? Can we find a way that opens us and changes us, rather than coming at life’s inevitability with fear and resentment? A conversation about finding a way to keep faith with our changing lives, with Lizzie Winn and Justin Wise of Thirdspace.

This is Turning Towards Life, a weekly live 30 minute conversation hosted by Thirdspace in which Justin Wise and Lizzie Winn dive deep into big questions of human living. Find us on FaceBook to watch live and join in the lively conversation on this episode. We’re also on YouTube, and as a podcast on Apple, Google and Spotify.

The source that starts our conversation off this week is written for us by Lizzie.

All the Golden Openings.

Gold because they are precious.
Gold because they are heavy and real.
Gold because they are valuable.
Gold because they are worth a lot.

Sometimes seen as problems.
Sometimes seen as tragedies.
Sometimes seen as inconvenient.
Sometimes seen as painful.

Openings because they are chances to learn.
Openings because new eyes (& maybe even a new heart) are required.
Openings because doorways invite us through.
Openings because new worlds are born when we treat them so.

Sometimes seen as gifts.
Sometimes seen as purposeful.
Sometimes seen as blessings.
Sometimes seen as necessary.

Always going to happen.
Always a rip in the fabric of our lives.
Always support helps.
Always golden.

Never without learning.
Never not hard.
Never not disorienting.
Never without the future being different.

May all the cracks in our foundations be welcomed as golden openings and may we receive the support necessary to treat them with welcome, curiosity and kindness.

Lizzie Winn

Photo by Kenny Luo on Unsplash

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